Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole

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By Christopher Spiker

Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole is here to bring a burst of Caribbean flavor right into your kitchen! In this article, you’ll discover how to combine juicy, marinated jerk chicken with a medley of aromatic spices and hearty veggies, all baked to perfection in a warm, comforting casserole. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or impress your dinner guests, this mouthwatering dish is sure to be a hit, adding a delightful twist to your usual meals. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will have you eagerly coming back for seconds! Have you ever craved a dish that’s packed with flavor, easy to make, and perfect for sharing with friends and family? If so, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of a Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole.

What is Jerk Chicken?

Jerk chicken hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. It’s characterized by its bold and spicy flavors, made possible through a marinade or paste incorporating ingredients like allspice, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, and garlic, among others.

This exciting cuisine has made its way into the hearts and homes of many, and now, it’s become the star of our delightful casserole. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes jerk chicken so unique and how we can bring this festive flavor to our dish.

Ingredients in Jerk Marinade

To give you an overview, here’s what you typically need to make a jerk marinade:

Ingredient Measurement
Allspice berries 1 tbsp
Scotch bonnet peppers 2-3
Thyme 2 tsp (fresh)
Garlic cloves 3-4
Brown sugar 1 tbsp
Soy sauce 1/4 cup
Vinegar 2 tbsp
Lime juice 2 tbsp
Ginger 1 tbsp (grated)
Green onions 2 (chopped)
Nutmeg 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
Salt To taste
Black pepper To taste

Combine these ingredients in a blender, and you get a mouth-watering jerk marinade to season your chicken.

Why an Oven-Baked Casserole?

Casseroles are fantastic for several reasons—chief among them is their convenience. They allow you to combine various ingredients into a single dish, pop it in the oven, and let it bake to perfection. Plus, casseroles are great for meal prepping or feeding a crowd.

For those of us who adore jerk chicken but are pressed for time or perhaps not keen on grilling, an oven-baked casserole offers a delicious alternative. You get that same spicy, bold flavor with a whole lot of ease!

The Benefits of Oven-Baking

Oven-baking allows for uniform cooking, which ensures that the spicy jerk flavors infuse thoroughly into the chicken. You also get a beautifully caramelized texture on top. Plus, an oven-baked dish is less hands-on once it’s in the oven, granting you more time to prepare side dishes, entertain guests, or simply relax.

Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole

Ingredients for Your Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole

First, let’s gather our ingredients. For this savory, flavor-packed dish, you’ll need a mix of the following:

Ingredient Measurement Description
Chicken thighs 6-8 pieces Boneless, skinless for best results
Jerk marinade 1 cup Homemade or store-bought
Bell peppers 2 Sliced; use any color you’d like
Red onion 1 Sliced thin
Pineapple chunks 1 cup Adds a sweet contrast
Coconut milk 1 cup Full-fat for a rich flavor
Cooked rice 2 cups White, jasmine, or basmati
Black beans 1 can (15 oz) Drained and rinsed
Cheese 1 cup Cheddar or Monterey Jack, shredded
Cilantro 1/4 cup Chopped, for garnish
Lime wedges As needed For serving

Your ingredients are now set! Feel the anticipation already? Perfect, because we’re about to move on to preparing this delectable treat.

Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions

Here, we’ll break down the process into manageable steps, so you can follow along with ease.

Step 1: Marinate the Chicken

First things first: you’ll want to marinate your chicken. If you’re using a store-bought jerk marinade, great! If you’ve made your own, even better.

  1. In a large bowl, combine the chicken thighs with the jerk marinade.
  2. Make sure each piece is thoroughly coated.
  3. Let it sit for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator, though overnight marination will give the best results.

Step 2: Prepare the Oven and Baking Dish

  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. Grease a large baking dish to prevent sticking.

Step 3: Assemble the Casserole

Now it’s time to bring everything together.

  1. Evenly spread the cooked rice at the bottom of your greased baking dish.
  2. Scatter the sliced bell peppers, red onions, and pineapple chunks over the rice.
  3. Arrange your marinated chicken thighs on top of the vegetables and rice.
  4. Pour the coconut milk over the chicken and vegetables evenly.
  5. Sprinkle the black beans across the top.
  6. Finally, distribute the shredded cheese as the topmost layer.

Step 4: Bake

  1. Cover the casserole dish with aluminum foil.
  2. Place it in your preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, remove the aluminum foil and bake for an additional 15 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked and the cheese is bubbly and golden brown.

Step 5: Garnish and Serve

  1. Once baked, let the casserole cool for a few minutes.
  2. Sprinkle chopped cilantro over the top.
  3. Serve with lime wedges on the side for an extra zesty touch.

And voilà! Your savory oven-baked jerk chicken casserole is ready to be devoured.

Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Casserole

Your casserole can always be a notch better with a few expert tips. Here’s how you can elevate your dish:

Choosing the Right Chicken

Opt for boneless and skinless thighs for this recipe. They’re more forgiving during baking, keeping moist and tender than chicken breasts, which can dry out easily.

Marinating for Maximum Flavor

The longer the chicken marinates, the better the flavors will penetrate the meat. For best results, marinate overnight. If you’re in a hurry, even an hour will impart a good amount of flavor.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

  • If you feel the cheese is browning too quickly, you can loosely place foil on top for the last few minutes of baking.
  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure your chicken has reached an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) to guarantee it’s cooked through.

Extra Add-ons

  • For added texture, consider tossing in some chopped nuts, like cashews or sliced almonds.
  • A handful of raisins can introduce a surprise sweet bite within your casserole.

Nutritional Value: What Are You Eating?

Here’s a rough estimate of what you’re putting into your body with each serving of this savory jerk chicken casserole:

Nutrient Amount per Serving
Calories 450
Protein 35g
Carbohydrates 40g
Fat 20g
Fiber 6g
Sugars 8g
Sodium 800mg

*Note: Nutritional values can vary based on specific ingredient brands and quantities used.

Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole

Pairing Your Casserole with Side Dishes

Every great main dish deserves a complementary side. Here are a few suggestions to make your meal even better:

Fresh Green Salad

A fresh, crisp salad with a light vinaigrette can balance out the richness of the casserole.

Fried Plantains

Sweet or savory fried plantains make for an excellent side, adding a touch of Caribbean authenticity.

Garlic Bread

A simple side of garlic bread can never go wrong. Plus, it’s perfect for soaking up any leftover sauce on your plate.

Storing and Reheating Leftovers

One of the joys of casseroles is that they make fantastic leftovers. Here’s how to store and reheat them effectively:


  • Refrigerator: Place any leftover casserole in an airtight container. It can be refrigerated for up to 3-4 days.
  • Freezer: For longer storage, you can freeze portions in airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags for up to 2 months.


  • Oven: Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Place the leftover casserole in an oven-safe dish, cover with foil, and heat for about 20-25 minutes or until warmed through.
  • Microwave: For a quicker option, you can microwave individual servings. Place a portion on a microwave-safe plate and heat on high for 2-3 minutes, or until hot.

Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole


There you have it: your guide to making a delectable Savory Oven-Baked Jerk Chicken Casserole. Whether you’re feeding your family, meal prepping for the week, or entertaining guests, this dish is sure to impress and become a favorite in your culinary repertoire.

With its robust flavors, easy preparation, and versatility, you’ll find yourself turning to this recipe time and time again. So go ahead, gather your ingredients, and get ready to enjoy a little taste of the Caribbean right from your oven!